2019 Get the Vote Out materials

Please send us materials that your branch has produced to get the vote out in the 2019 Pay and Equality ballot – branchsolidaritynetwork@gmail.com.


with thanks to Lettie Hoare, @CambridgeUCU


with thanks to @anarchonion

Here’s the data! Spreadsheets on cost-of-living increases from 1995

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Manchester UCU

see the original versions (for adaptation) here


Ulster UCU


Oxford UCU

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Royal Holloway UCU

Full message to members here.

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Brunel UCU

Get their fantastic flyer here

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Goldsmiths UCU

Download flyer – YES TO FAIR PAY! – here

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Cambridge UCU

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Detailed case for action – full version available here

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Draft letter to members – available here as a word doc

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Sector wide pay dispute data – full spreadsheet

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Surrey UCU

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Leicester UCU

Fantastic leaflet on why you should vote YES – download the full leaflet here

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‘Pop goes the weasel?’ Detailed accounting of why a specific university can afford a pay rise.

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Sheffield UCU email to members

RE-BALLOT on Fair and Equal pay

In the Autumn ballot, Sheffield voted overwhelmingly in favor of strike action (69%), with 50% participation, making us one of 8 HE branches in the UK to pass the 50% threshold imposed by anti-trade union law. Many of the branches who missed this threshold did so by a mere handful of votes, and as a union, our aggregate response rate was 42%, with 68.9% voting for strike action, showing incredibly strong support for this campaign. If not for a deliberately obstructive piece of legislation, 134 out of 147 UCU branches in HE would have a mandate to be on strike right now. For comparison, that is over double the number of branches that were part of the USS strikes — the largest strike action in UCU’s history to date.

Last week, UCU members at the three London colleges that make up Capital City College Group (CCCG) ended an 8 day strike which resulted in a winning a 5% pay rise for all members earning less than £55,000/yr (backdated to December 2018), as well as several other significant concessions. Industrial action is incredibly powerful.

Our employer learned this lesson hard way during the USS strikes, and they are very aware that they need to be worried about it now. This is why in October, they were advised by the Pinsent Masons to “make a direct appeal to staff to abstain or vote against a trade union ballot for strike action.” Industrial action is our last resort mechanism against unacceptable and unsustainable working conditions, a way to force negotiation with an employer who will not negotiate.

Casualisation, crushing workloads, and pay inequalities harm every UCU member. They harm our undergraduate students. They harm our families. And they harm our newest post-graduate and ECR members most of all. And year on year, our employer refuses to negotiate on them, while at the same time actively misrepresenting their ability to right these wrongs.These are exactly the unacceptable and unsustainable working conditions we have to fight.

National UCU

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GTVO: your guide to getting the vote out (with the help of Heriot Watt UCU)