#UCUStrikesBack: picket lines are go

Music for the picket line

GU Collective’s 30 songs for UCU picket lines on Spotify

Liverpool UCU strike playlist

Birmingham Law strike playlist

We are the University strike playlist (Grace Krause)

UCL -IOE UCU strike playlist

Rosa Campbell’s Strike songs playlist on Spotify 

Leah Chan’s playlist for 2019 UCU strikes on Spotify

10 best union songs of all time (thanks to CBC)

Protest in Harmony (Edinburgh UCU) songsheet

Information about local hardship funds

Exeter UCU

Goldsmiths UCU

Leeds UCU

Strathclyde UCU

Liverpool UCU

York UCU

Cambridge UCU

Stirling UCU

Heriot-Watt UCU

Bangor UCU

Open University UCU

Pay deductions

See Andrew Chitty’s Twitter thread about pay deductions. Effectively, as of 26 November, most universities are following UCEA guidance and deducting pay in a single month. Only City, Cambridge, Essex, Queen Mary and Royal Holloway have agreed to deductions spread over three months starting January 2020 (as far as we know). USS Briefs have compiled a dossier of communications from vice-chancellors which contains this information.

Goldsmiths UCU has issued some guidance to members in the light of its management’s refusal to spread deductions which contains some interesting proposals.

Picketing Excellence Framework

Thanks to Southampton UCU

Strike handbooks

This is how to picket

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