The UCU Branch Solidarity Network emerged out of the two national activists’ meetings organised at Goldsmiths (16 March) and SOAS (4 April) that were organised during the 2018 university pensions strikes.

It aims to support and organise grass roots  campaigning in HE branches, to share activist resources between branches and to foster a democratic and vibrant union.

The Network believes in the importance of campaigning on all fronts in order to develop a confident and militant membership that can resist the marketisation of higher education. We want to stimulate action on pay, pensions and equalities, against cuts, casualisation and outsourcing, and for for democratic governance and solidarity with students and other university workers.

There is a steering group (details forthcoming) that aims to plan activities  and generate resources and to coordinate with the other groups that have sprung up as a result of the pensions dispute and broader anti-marketisation campaigns.

Email: branchsolidaritynetwork@gmail.com