April 2018

Motions passed at Oxford UCU meeting, 30 April

  1. Call for a Special Higher Education Sector Conference to discuss USS pension dispute
  2. Late motion to HESC: Call for a SHESC in September to consider progress of JEP
  3. Late motion to Congress on conduct of non-statutory ballots
  4. Support for IWGB

Motions passed at Cambridge UCU meeting, 30 April

1- Motion on Higher Education Sector Conference

This branch notes that to date at least ten branches have called on UCU to convene a special Higher Education Sector Conference (HESC) as the union’s policy-making body for the HE sector to discuss the USS dispute.

This branch believes that a special HESC will provide a vital opportunity for democratic debate and decision-making by members in relation to the dispute in the context of a substantial increase in membership and levels of engagement since the beginning of industrial action;

This branch therefore calls for a special Higher Education Sector Conference of UCU under rule 16.11 to discuss the USS dispute.

(Note: Updated list of branches who have passed similar motions here: https://www.ucu.org.uk/article/3414/Annual-congress–sector-conference)


2- Motion on democracy and industrial action

This branch welcomes the very high levels of member participation both on the picket lines and in branch discussions and meetings about the way forward for the USS dispute, the surge of new members who have joined the union in the run-up to and during the dispute.

This branch believes that recent statements by the USS board regarding their determination to uphold the current valuation, and the below-inflation national pay offer of 1.7 percent, demonstrate that UCU must remain ready to mobilise rapidly for industrial action to defend our pensions and pay, one of the key lessons of the USS strikes in February and March this year was that many members felt disempowered at the national level, compared to the high level of ownership they felt in relation to the dispute locally, the process that led to the balloting of members on the March 23 UUK proposal raises serious democratic concerns.

This branch resolves

  1. To write to UCU’s national leadership calling on them to ensure that all UCU negotiators act in a transparent and accountable manner, and that the decision to consult members is only taken after meaningful democratic debate within the elected bodies which have authority to set policy for the dispute.
  2. To call on UCU to convene an emergency meeting of branch delegates to discuss the future direction of the USS dispute. We believe that the delegates meeting should be properly constituted as an emergency Higher Education Sector Conference.
  3. To write to Sally Hunt condemning her actions supporting the ‘Yes’ campaign during the consultative ballot in breach of the decision of HEC to put the proposal to members without a recommendation.
  4. To mandate our delegate to UCU Congress 2018 to vote in favour of the late motion to HESC proposed by UCL UCU (see below) calling for the formation of a National Strike Committee composed of delegates from USS branch.



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