May 2018

Kent motion in support of migrant university staff, May 2018

In the past 10 years there has been an increase in the victimization of migrant students and staff members by universities’ collusion with the Home Office and/or by the “hostile environment” policy. This motion proposes:

1. To donate £100 from local branch funds to be divided among the Campaign to Stop the Deportation of Luqman Onikosi and the #PhDforAhmed campaign. The funds will help with Luqman Onikosi’s living costs, while the latter will help pay for Ahmed Sedeeq’s legal expenses to remain in the UK.

2. To actively work in the future with Unis Resist Border Controls to investigate and document how your institution colludes with the Home Office in the monitoring of Home Office in the monitoring of international students and staff as part of the hostile environment policy.

3. To actively push for UCU at a national level to advocate that the Home Office not use punitive measures to limit the right of any migrant to engage in prolonged industrial actions.

4. To  actively push for UCU at a national level to continue to advocate that the Home Office reconsider the limitations to overseas research that are imposed upon Tier 2 and Tier 4 visa holders who are limited by the 180 day rule. Researchers cannot be deported for doing research abroad that exceeds 180 days of being out of the UK..

Full motion is here.


SOAS motion to call a Special Higher Education Conference – PASSED 9 May 2018

SOAS UCU notes:

·         the support and energy of our membership during the course of the fourteen days of action that have been taken to defend our pension and Higher Education

·         that the UUK proposal of 23 March 2018 was accepted by a majority of the UCU membership in online consultation

·         the Higher Education Committee (HEC) meeting decided to ballot members on a proposal from UUK whose wording was not the outcome of a formal negotiating process between the properly constituted UCU negotiating group on USS and UUK.

SOAS UCU reaffirms

·          Support for the UK wide activist meeting called by UCU London Region on Saturday April 28th

SOAS UCU resolves

·         to join branches across the union calling for a Special Higher Education Conference (HESC) under Rule 16.11.  This special conference to be held immediately prior to or following the UCU Congress 30 May – 1st June 2018.

Motion on Joint Expert Panel put at EGM of Glasgow UCU, Weds 9 May

Conference mandates SWG members involved in setting up JEP to:

  1. Negotiate a change in terms of reference to make transparency the default, as well as an appropriate confidentiality policy and regular reports from JEP to all stakeholders.
  2. Agree regular reporting and feedback mechanisms with UCU appointed members of JEP.
  3. Negotiate increased transparency of JNC communications e.g. approved minutes other than confidential matters to be made publicly available.

Conference further mandates HEC to transparency as a default, with agenda, approved papers and approved minutes made available on the website and to develp a confidentiality policy to cover exceptions.



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