Action Short of a Strike (ASOS) information for UCU branches in dispute

Members taking part in strike action over pensions, pay and equalities are also engaged in action short of a strike (ASOS) that started on 25 November. This will be especially important now that we have returned to work and there is pressure to reschedule classes and to pick up additional responsibilities following the strike. Just take a look at what Liverpool University is threatening its staff with! We need to resist this pressure and to insist on no deductions for working to contract. However, many employers are still “reserving the right” to deduct for ASOS and branches need to defend members at risk of deductions for engaging in ASOS. We offer information below about what ASOS consists of and how we should respond to threats from the employers.

What is ASOS?

ASOS pay deductions and how to resist

#USSbriefs87 by Andrew Chitty, Felicity Callard and Leon Rocha

Has every employer threatened to deduct pay for engaging in ASOS?

No – Sheffield University, for example, have stated that “we will not deduct any pay from staff who participate in this type of action” (see screenshot below). We encourage all branches to apply pressure on those institutions who take a hard line on ASOS – for example through lobbies, petitions, liaising with external examiners and so on- and to call for urgent meetings with HR. A number of institutions have declared that they will not deduct pay for taking part in ASOS including Southampton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Kent, Ulster and St Andrews. Others, including Goldsmiths, have said that “Staff will not have salary deducted for working to contract”.

via Sheffield UCU

Guidance on ASOS and how to respond to requests to take part in voluntary activities

Leicester UCU’s guidance on how to deal with ASOS queries and “how to respond (nicely!) to volunteer” is invaluable.

Guidance from Goldsmiths UCU and Ulster UCU are also useful.

This is a great thread from Vian Bakir of Bangor UCU on what ASOS involves.

ASOS for hourly-paid staff

Letter to Head of Department from a Graduate Teaching Assistant (via @hopehakes)

What’s the legal opinion on deducting pay for taking part in ASOS?

Read this post from legal academics on ‘deductions for action short of a strike’

Detailed information from UCU

UCU information on working to contract

What does ‘action short of a strike’ mean for academic-related and professional services staff?